The Digital Innovators Interviews: London’s James Bridle

This young man is a smart and eclectic cookie. He has some interesting things to say about e-publishing.

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Suddenly Indie Authors Are Being Courted by a Helpful Army on a Roller Coaster

If there was ever any doubt about recent changes in attitudes towards self publishers, now we find collectives of literary brahmins who formerly wanted very little to do with them,  courting these erstwhile untouchables. Beginning with (Holy Cow!) literary agents. If in previous times the whole publishing establishment considered unknown authors little more than obstructions in the pipeline, today we are seeing fairs and conferences, websites and blogs aimed at the online self-publishing market. They will advise you, guide you, hold your hand, edit you, proofread you, market you, provide you with art work and shine your shoes. All for a price, mind you. Continue reading

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Ebooks Are Good for You!

The Ebook Ebook--coverThere are three things I hope you will take away from this site and this book:

  1. My enthusiasm for this new form of publishing which is already shaking the foundations of the traditional publishing world, and about to shake those of the rest of the world, as well.
  2. Some critical observations. Feedback is the life blood of online communication.  So please be sincere and prolific with your comments.
  3. A desire to spread the word. Though money is not my first priority (hardly, with the book priced at $2.99), I want you to buy The Ebook Ebook and–if you find it useful and interesting–tell your friends and colleagues about it.
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