Table of Contents


  • Like All the Best Things in Life, This Book Was an Accident
  • Surprise! This Ebook Is Not About Fine-Art Printmaking
  • What This Book Is; What It Isn’t

Chapter 1

  • Just What Is an Ebook Anyway?
  • Free Online Ebook Self-Publishing Rears Its Beautiful Head
  • Do You Need More Convincing?
  • Is the “Real Book” About to Disappear?
  • Weary of the Old Way? Discouraged by Rejection Slips? The Last Laugh is Yours!
  • What Has Happened in the Publishing Industry That the Media Devote So Much Space to Ebooks Lately?
  • Ebooks are Machines for Eliminating Middlemen
  • Some Good Economic News for a Change

Chapter 2

  • More Ebook Advantages for Writers and (Some) Publishers
  • Your Ebook Affords Your Readers So Many Advantages
  • Your Ebook Affords Your Readers So Many Advantages
  • A Trickle Is Becoming a Tsunami — A Quick Look at Ebook Distribution Numbers
  • It’s a Wonderful (Digital) World
  • Nothing Is Possible Without the Internet — Get Used to It

Chapter 3

  • Prepare Your Ebook — What Are You Waiting For? Getting Published Has Never Been So Easy
  • How Does a Writer Get Started Publishing His/Her Own Ebooks?
  • Mrs. Mae Horn’s Advice: Make an Outline
  • Mind-Mapping Sounds Like Something Out of Star Trek — And It Is
  • Your Cover Doesn’t Just Cover and Your Title Doesn’t Just Title
  • What to Do with the Front Matter? Put It at the Back
  • The Three Secrets of Writing: Sit Down and Write, Write, Write
  • Some Copyright Nuts and ISBN Bolts
  • What Do You Do When You’re Finished? Who Said ‘Finished?’

Chapter 4

  • Look Complicated? Get Some Help
  • The Mother Cat Editing Process
  • It’s Probably Better if Your Expert Is an Ebook Specialist

Chapter 5

  • Where Today’s Ebooks Come From?
  • In Passing He Invented Hypertext Links
  • Practical Apps
  • Early Adopters
  • E-Reader Evolution
  • Steve Jobs Upsets the Ebook Apple Cart

Chapter 6

  • The Format Wars: Proprietary vs. Open Solutions
  • Enter Amazon
  • Converting Your Personal Documents for the Kindle
  • Converting PDF or DOCX Files
  • To Send and Convert Your Personal Documents:
  • The Secret Which Will Set You Free

Chapter 7

  • How the Internet Body-Snatched Marketing and Changed Your Life
  • The Times They Are a‘Changing
  • Online PR Has Made It Possible for You to Do It Yourself, Better
  • Communication with Customers Is No Longer a Monologue
  • Time-Honored Word of Mouth Goes Viral
  • The Web Is the Web; The Spider Is You
  • The Web Log Within You
  • More Advantages, More Work
  • Images and Videos
  • Social Networking Is Big, But How Well Does It Sell Books?
  • A Social Networking Site That Will Work for You
  • Make Yourself Findable
  • Suddenly You Feel Like a Circus Performer Spinning Plates on Poles
  • The Online Publishing Services Are Your Best Allies in Launching Your Book
  • Take It from a Pro
  • Your Product is Not Your Book — It’s You and Your Book
  • Guaranteed Success!

Chapter 8

  • Your Ebook as a Business Venture — Life is Just One Big Business Plan
  • We’re Talking About Business; Bookselling Is a Lot Like Selling Manhole Covers
  • Do You Like Writing Fantasy?

Chapter 9

  • Battle in the E-reader Jungle
  • Will OLED Technology Be The Next Step in Displays?
  • 41 E-readers Baked in a Pie
  • Breaking E-Reader News
  • Ebooks for Business Use
  • Print on Demand Publishing (PoD) as a Compliment to Ebooks, or Vice Versa

Chapter 10

  • To DRM or Not to DRM, That Is the Question
  • The Pros
  • The Cons
  • Social DRM, The “Soft” DRM Option

Chapter 11

  • You Are Not Alone
  • One of Life’s Great Satisfactions is Not to Have Missed the Boat
  • The Meek Shall Inherit Book Publishing

Ebook Glossary


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