About the Author

Michael Booth, author of The Ebook EbookMichael Booth, author of The Ebook Ebook and creator of this blog, is a US-born expatriate journalist and online fine-art-printmaking publisher who has lived in a Spanish village in the foothills of Sierra Nevada for the past four decades. His interest in electronic publishing is relatively recent, but he was bitten hard, and when he noticed that there was as yet no disinterested guide to ebook publishing resources, he decided to sit down and research and write The Ebook Ebook.

His other ebook-related sites are:

  • The Ebook Crew, a real-time networking site for actual and aspiring ebook author/publishers.
  • Ebook Latest, a blog site for keeping up to date on the latest developments in the world of ebooks.

The illustrations are the work of the author’s painter and printmaker wife, Maureen Booth.


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