Self Publishing and Libraries

Carly Arthur, Syracuse University graduate student in Library Science, writing in her blog, Think in LIS, reflects on the implications of ebooks for (especially) public libraries, a subject often overlooked by people who do ebooks in one form or another. Carly says:

COSLA, Chief Officers of State Library Agencies, did an excellent eBook Feasibility Study for Public Libraries, COSLA interviewed library leaders, industry experts to explore what will ebooks mean to the future of libraries, especially public libraries.

According to the report, COSLA believes that self-publishing creates an opportunity for libraries to re-think their collection development. Libraries often select only reviewed works, which means choosing increasingly mainstream materials, but now, they could hand-select works from deserving unsung authors and it will help emerging authors and reflect local community. Public library can distinguish itself from other sources of popular reading materials.

She comments in a previous post:

Last Wednesday, Library Journal and School of Library Journal hosted a virtual summit on ebook: Ebooks: Libraries at The Tipping Point. The summit drew over 2100 attendees from public libraries, academic libraries and vendors. You can read LJ’s summary here.

Prof. R. David Lankes, from School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, made a closing keynote: The New Librarianship in the Age of the Ebook, (video | slides | mp3) and here I’m trying to wrap-up his ideas and envisions in the presentation.

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